Homegrown exhibit at Roberson Museum

June 9, 2011

My YouTube video of the “Homegrown” exhibit at Roberson Museum and Science Center:

30 Front Street
Binghamton, NY

The directions and museum hours of operation can be found here.

Here’s the blurb from Roberson about the exhibit:

Ever wonder what life is like inside the forest?

Explore life among the branches while Homegrown takes you through the forests and hills surrounding our community.

This isn’t your average walk in the woods!

Experience animal encounters and unleash your own creativity with animated creatures you design. Climb atop a tree house and discover the beauty of the forest from a birds-eye view.

Use your imagination to discover life inside the forest without nature knowing you’re there.

More here:

Visitors are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled to discover the large variety of animals from Roberson’s Loomis collection incorporated into the gallery.

Along with the fun comes interactive learning; Homegrown investigates the contributions natural resources found in the depths of the forest make to our everyday lives, while also examining the threats these resources face. […]

Homegrown will remain open through June 2012

More description at thefreegeorge.com:

The museum houses many other exhibits, like the Homegrown exhibit, which is dedicated to trees, plants and wildlife and their importance towards ecology and our own society, emphasizing the interdependence of everything and the importance of sustainability. Reasons to go: they have a cross-section of a tree complete with timelines based off of the tree’s rings, from 1860-1960, and there are computers that let you play the game Spore, where you create your own creature and guide them through evolution, essentially creating your own universe.

The museum also features a historical exhibit of the city of Binghamton, an exhibit on the Roberson mansion, and an exhibit on Edwin A. Link, Air Age exhibit. Link was a native Binghamtonian and played a key role in the development of flight by inventing the Link Flight Simulator, which provided ground flight training, a cheap, safer way for pilots to train. The exhibit covers the history of flight as well as the history of Link’s life and career, and holds an actual model of the Link Flight Simulator.

Roberson Facebook page

Roberson website.


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