Binghamton University Nature Preserve

June 13, 2011

My YouTube video of the Nature Preserve:

History of the Nature Preserve from the Official site:

The Nature Preserve designation of the forested and unaltered lands on campus was introduced after the fall of 1969, when protests arose over the planned used of the area as playing fields. Even though the wetlands had already begun to be filled in, demonstrations by students on campus halted further destruction. In response to the rather large outcry by students and some faculty, the University ceased their efforts to construct the playing fields in the area, and the former President Bruce Dearing proposed that the marsh and pond area be set aside as a nature preserve for the recreational and instructional uses of the students and of the University community. This event sparked much interest, appreciation and awareness, throughout the university and local community, for the ecological values and natural beauty of the land that was preserved. Since then, the 1999 Martin Purchase of 72 acres was added to the official Nature Preserve, bringing it to 182 acres.


Official website of the Nature Preserve

Photos from the Triple Cities Hiking Club

Friends of the Nature Preserve

Recent animal encounters at the Nature Preserve


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